Bill and Kris are the owners of Schaffer Designs and creators of multiple award-winning exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show, including Best-In-Show for 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013. As recognized experts in the field of U.S. Floral Color&Trend Marketing, they had been selected as the 2013-2016 Floral Trend Forecast Directors for the International Floral Distributors Group. They are the creators of THE STARS PROJECT (involving floral designers from all 50 US states and beyond) for the U.S. Constitution’s 225th Anniversary and PAFA IN BLOOM; an international floral art project with The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. They are authors of their book: Taking The Flower Show Home. When not traveling, they reside in Philadelphia, PA with their pug; Betty Pancake.

Flowers and fate led to Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt’s first meeting in 2005, and they have been taking the flower world by storm ever since. A 3rd generation floral designer; Bill literally grew up in the floral industry. From sweeping floors to delivering and designing flowers after school, being a part of the family business instilled in him a lifelong passion for flowers and floral design. Kris cultivated her floral career as a teenager, managing a retail flower shop in the San Francisco Bay Area, and graduated from the Floriculture program at the College of San Mateo.




As can be seen from their multiple Award-Winning, Gold Medal, Best-in-Show exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show, Bill and Kris’ work demonstrates both ability to combine their creative vision and technical skills to break out of age-old flower stereotypes to bring flower enthusiasts exquisite, and, at times, unexpected floral creations that tantalize the eye and infuse the public’s view of flowers with new energy.






Bill and Kris continually strive to further their personal design knowledge via channels both within and outside of the floral industry. They have become diverse contributors within the floral industry, specializing in event design, floral art installations, design shows, and workshops, as well as extending into merchandising, showroom installations, overseas product development, bouquet management. Along with their numerous contributions to both national and international design publications, they are currently monthly contributors to both Florists’ Review and Super Floral for Trend Reports and Special Event articles. In addition to numerous solo presentations, this cutting-edge couple has been seen presenting together at numerous conferences and symposiums across the U.S.